Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

UAS didepan mata

UAS didepan mata-silau meeen !
perasaan kok cepet banget udah UAS lagi. brrrrr
semoga hasil di semester ini bisa lebih bagus dari kemaren. i wish.GODBLESSME.....
pengen banget banggain mama&papa dengan hasil yang maksimal... kalo ada keinginan, harus ada kemauan. naaaaah masalahnya kemauan itu yang suka timbul tenggelam. hihih peace mom&dad ^^v

keep fighting bells! 
no matter how big your problems, your GOD is bigger!


thanks mom and dad :')

I used to think that you wanted me to be cooped up in the house all day, miserable, with no friends or fun in my life.

I had no respect for you or what you did for me,
No idea of how much you loved me
I took everything for granted, with no thoughts of how you felt, or what problems I was causing.

One life-altering event made me realize that you would never give up on me, nor leave me astray, abandon, like most parents do.

One life-altering event made me open my eyes to the wonderful future that I could really have, a life without pain and lies.

One life-altering event showed me that all you were doing was trying to protect me from the evils of the world, the madness that goes on.

Forgiving, loving, caring, and willing are the words to describe you both.

Thank you for always being here and never giving up, for loving me unconditionally.
Parents such as yourselves deserve awards.

I just wanted to tell you that I've never enjoyed spending time with you so much
You have shared much wisdom with me and taught me the ways of the world.
Without you both I would be no where, have no goals in life, and and no destination ahead of me,
but because of the strength you've given to me, I will one day be a success woman, with my head held up high, and many dreams accomplished.

And in the end you will have much to be proud about, knowing that you were my guiders, protectors, and without the two of you such a women would not have been created.

Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Dad.
Three small words.
So much to add.
For all your love
and your support
a million words
would be too short.
The words, "I love you"
seem too few
to express the love
I have for you.


Senin, 17 Mei 2010

my new blog !!

haha akhirnya punya blog juga..hihihih. well...... welcome to my world evribadehhh :D

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